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  • We help women return to the labor market
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4 out of 10

women in Poland remain professionally inactive. It is one of the lowest levels in the EU

(Eurostat, 2020)


increased activation of women translates into double-digit GDP growth.

(McKinsey, 2018)

65,8 bn

PLN can be earned if Poland meets the highest level of professional activation of women (the Netherlands – 73.9%)

(Eurostat 2020)


GDP growth will be achieved in Poland if the number of active women increases by 550,000

(Deloitte 2017)

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Our fuel is your commitment. You can support us financially or share your knowledge and experience with our candidates. We are looking for job trainers, mentors, HR specialists and marketers.

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We operate thanks to donations from companies and partners. Do you also see the challenges we face? Do you like how we want to tackle them? Support us financially. Become a social investor!

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We cooperate with with training companies, coaches and recruiters. Join us if you want to effectively support women in the digital labor market and develop this project with us.

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