The world we are in

If you are active on the labor market, by 2030 you will have to learn at least one new skill in order to continue your job. New technologies come with new challenges:

  • individually, for each one of us
  • for companies we work for
  • for customers we serve
  • for the communities we live in
  • for our planet

The answer to all of these challenges is…the use of new technology and digital skill’s development

COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated these changes:

  • it has made remote work and new communication tools much more common
  • it developed e-commerce
  • it has increased the impact of modeling of the social and business processes on our reality

We act for the future

The changes we all go through require us to act together. In the future
we will find ourselves together. Here are our rules:

  • We are all responsible for the world we live in
  • We all build a digital economy (just as we built a traditional one)
  • We all acquire digital competences to be able to do the work needed on the market
  • We leave no one behind
  • Diversity is a value that makes us better and more effective, it needs to be cared for

Community is based on the responsibility

Our social fund is created by its initiators, but most of all: employees, employers and investors. We establish relationships based on shared responsibility
and a positive change for each party.

  • Women improve their competences in order to be able to work, develop and bring unique skills to the market values.
  • Employers believe that the future of their businesses rests on a diversified labor market.
  • Social investors see a fundamental social interest and the safety of all of us in building an open and sustainable future.

Together, we take responsibility for our future.